How to Spot Signs of a Leaking Roof in Ogden & Brigham City, UT

SRD Roofing Explains What to Look for to Prevent Roof Leaks

A roof leak is more than a minor annoyance. Roof leaks can cause mold growth and water damage, leading to severe health and building structural issues. Pinpointing the exact source of a roof leak can be tricky, but warning signs can usually help you identify one before it’s too late. SRD Roofing discusses surefire signs of a leaking roof for our Ogden and Brigham City, UT customers. If you suspect you have a roof leak, don’t ignore it. Give us a call to request a free estimate on a roof repair today!

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Look for Water Stains on Your Interior Walls and Ceilings

Although dripping water is the most obvious sign of a roof leak, water stains on your ceilings, walls, or around the windows are also tell-tale signs of a leaking roof. Water stains are typically brown with rings around their edges. While water stains in the middle of your ceiling are the most noticeable, look for stains in the corners. No matter how minor these stains may appear, you should always investigate the issue. Over time, the leak could get worse. Before long, you could have a major leak forming puddles inside your ceiling. Catching roof leaks early may mean the difference between a minor roof repair and a complete roof replacement.

Does Your Roof Have Curling or Buckling Roofing Shingles?

If possible, look at the shingles on your roof. Any signs of distortions – curling or buckling shingles either upwards or downwards – can indicate warping from moisture. Distorted roof shingles allow water inside your home. Also, be on the lookout for missing shingles or flashings around your chimney, skylights, and vents after severe weather or high winds, as this can cause many roof leaks. You should replace missing roof shingles as soon as possible. Regular roof inspections from the experts at SRD Roofing in the spring and fall can help you keep an eye out for any potential leaks.

Mold Growth in Your Home’s Interior or Exterior Isn’t Good

Because mold needs water to thrive, mold growing along your roof or inside your home is never a promising sign. Mold, fungi, or moss growth indicates a continuous water supply is present somewhere. Not only does it look unpleasant, but mold is also hazardous to your health. People with allergies or asthma are especially vulnerable. Mold is also a danger to your building’s structural integrity, as mold can break down and weaken various building materials over time. An expert mold inspection is recommended to pinpoint the water source, correct the issue, and eradicate the mold from your home.

Do You Have Water Dripping From Your Home’s Gutters?

Your home’s gutters guide water away from your home and foundation. Dripping gutters indicate an issue. Whether caused by damage or a blockage, you should get your gutters inspected and repaired right away. Leaking gutters could be a simple fix, such as replacing their fasteners or clearing out the built-up debris inside them. If there’s roofing debris inside your gutters, you could have a larger problem on your hands. Dripping gutters can continue damaging your home long after a storm, so be sure to get them checked by a reliable roofing company.

Why Choose SRD Roofing to Fix Your Home’s Leaking Roof?

For over 20 years, Ogden and Brigham City residents have relied on leaking roof inspections, repairs, and replacements from the roofing experts at SRD Roofing. As local leaders in residential and commercial roofing, our roofing contractors exceed all expectations. Our expertise extends beyond roofing to include gutters, siding, stucco, windows, and even solar panels. You won’t be disappointed by our speedy response times, competitive pricing, or honest recommendations. Our professional crew is licensed, insured, and bonded to handle roofing projects of all sizes and complexities. Browse our testimonials to see why we’re one of Utah’s premier roofing contractors.

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