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SRD Roofing is proud to be one of Utah’s premier roofing experts. Our roofing contractors have over 20 years of experience providing new roof installations, roof repairs, roof replacements, roof inspections, and more. Our residential and commercial roofing services are competitively priced and customer satisfaction-focused. We communicate with customers from start to finish to ensure they’re kept up-to-date during each project. Below are helpful roofing resources for Ogden and Brigham City residents. With the proper roof maintenance, you can keep your home protected year-round. Feel free to reach out to our team any time with additional roofing questions and concerns. We’re here for you!

How Do Utah Winters Affect Your Roofing?

Utah sees heavy snowfall and plummeting temperatures every year, but how does this winter weather affect your roofing? Snow can put extra weight and stress on your roof shingles, while melting snow and ice dams are often responsible for roof leaks. Although the weather outside may be frightful, Utah homeowners can count on SRD Roofing to handle any emergency roof repairs they may need. Our local roofing contractors have over two decades of experience to keep your home safe during the winter.

Shingle Showdown: Architectural Shingles vs. Three-Tab

When choosing new roof shingles for your home, you have several options available. Are you wondering how architectural shingles measure up against three-tab shingles? Three-tab shingles usually cost less to install, making them ideal for homeowners on a tight budget. However, architectural shingles tend to have a longer lifespan, giving you more bang for your buck. Learn more about the differences between these two popular roof shingle choices so you can make a well-informed decision.

What Are Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof?

Due to daily wear and tear from the elements, most roofs will eventually need to be replaced. Being proactive about your home’s roofing and knowing what warning signs to look for can help you avoid roof leaks and more. Signs you need a roof replacement may include any of the following:

  • Water stains on your walls or ceilings
  • Missing, curling, or buckling roof shingles
  • Mold, fungi, or moss growth on your roof
  • Loose, missing, or damaged roof flashing

What Are Signs That You Have a Leaking Roof?

Because roof leaks often cause mold growth and water damage, they can wreak havoc on your home and health. It can be hard to pinpoint the source of a roof leak without a roof inspection. Identifying the problem areas early could mean the difference between minor roof repairs and a complete roof replacement. Don’t ignore the warning signs of a leaking roof, which may include any of the following:

  • Dripping water from your home’s gutters
  • Water stains on your walls or ceilings
  • Mold, moss, or fungi growth inside or outside
  • Missing or warped roof shingles or flashing

Why Should Roofing Repairs Be Left to Professionals?

Are you tempted to try to fix your roof yourself to save money? This isn’t in your best interest for several reasons. Climbing atop your roof puts you at risk for severe injury from a slip and fall. Making amateur mistakes with do-it-yourself repairs also puts you in jeopardy of voiding your roof’s warranty and insurance policy. Don’t be left footing the bill when you need to file future insurance claims for storm damages. Learn more about why you should leave roofing repairs to the professionals at SRD Roofing.

Helpful Roof Maintenance Tips for Utah Homeowners

As a homeowner, you have a duty to care for your roof to keep your home safe year-round from the elements and unwanted pests. If you heed these helpful roof maintenance tips from our experts at SRD Roofing, you can enjoy having a sturdy roof over your head for many years to come:

  • Get annual roof inspections in the spring and fall
  • Clean gutters to keep them free of leaves and debris
  • Trim troublesome trees near your roofline
  • Repair or replace missing roof shingles and flashings
  • Repair or replace sagging or broken gutters
  • Treat and remove algae, moss, fungi, mold, and lichen growth
  • Ensure you have proper roof ventilation and attic insulation
  • Rely on experienced roofing contractors for roof repairs

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