The Best Roofing for Solar Panels in Utah

We Offer Solar Panels for Roofs in Ogden & Brigham City

More and more people are turning to solar energy companies in Utah to reduce their energy bills, lower their carbon footprint, and add value to their home. Solar panels in Utah can pay for themselves in just 6-10 years. At SRD Roofing, we are committed to helping our customers and our community become more eco-friendly. We specialize in professional solar panel installation, and can work with almost all types of roofing for solar panel installation. Call us today for an estimate for the cost of solar panels in Ogden & Brigham City, UT. We’re also happy to schedule a site assessment to evaluate the size, age, and condition of your roofing for solar panel installation.

What Type of Roof Is Best for Solar Panels in Utah? 

When a roofing contractor or solar energy company in Utah evaluates your roofing for solar panels, they will consider the roofing material, pitch, shape, size, and orientation. Solar panels on roofs need a certain amount of direct sunlight every day in order to be effective. If your roof is mostly in shade, you might not benefit from solar panels on the roof, but they could be installed somewhere else around your home where there is more direct sunlight. Here’s a look at each factor that determines if you have the right roofing for solar panels:

  • Roofing Material – Most roofing materials can safely accommodate a solar panel installation. Asphalt shingles work best with solar panels for roofs, and the installation is fast and simple. Tile roofing is also compatible with solar panels. The next best type of roofing for solar panels is a standing metal roof. Wood and slate roofing aren’t as compatible with installing solar panels on roofs. They are brittle and is harder for roofing contractors to walk around on the roof to install the solar panels.
  • Roofing Pitch – Another consideration when looking into solar panels for roofs is the pitch of your roof. The ideal angle for solar panels for roofs is 30 degrees, so the roof’s pitch should be around 7 ½. Steeper roofs still work for solar panel installation, and won’t dramatically affect your energy production. You can still install solar panels for roofs that are flat. Your roofing contractor will use brackets to angle the solar panels on the roof.
  • Roofing Shape & Size – The size and shape of your roofing also impacts whether you can install solar panels. The best shape of roofing for solar panels is one that is large and square. HVAC systems, chimneys, skylights, and dormers can affect the space available for solar panels on roofs.
  • Roofing Orientation – In the northern hemisphere, solar panels for roofs should be installed facing south. If your roofing contractor can’t install solar panels facing south, he might orient them southwest or southeast facing. Using a rack when installing solar panels for roofs can also adjust their orientation. The amount of shade your roof gets every day will also affect the performance of solar panels on roofs. Trees and other obstructions might block the sunlight the panels need to charge during the day.

Benefits of Solar Panels for Roofs

The biggest benefit of solar panels in Utah is the amount of money you will save on your energy bills. Other benefits of solar panels for roofs include:

  • Tax rebates & incentives
  • Positive environmental impact
  • Lower profile installation than installing solar panels in your yard, porch, or elsewhere
  • Increased value of home
  • Avoid changes in electricity rates & restrictions on use
  • Enjoy independence from utility companies
  • Solar panels for roofs offer 20-25 years of guaranteed performance

Hiring a Professional to Install Solar Panels on Roofs

Hiring a professional to install solar panels on roofs will protect your investment, maintain your safety, prevent damage to your home, and ensure the panels are installed correctly. A roofing contractor who is experienced in solar panel installation will know exactly where and at what angle to install solar panels for roofs. A contractor will also know what equipment is needed to make sure that the solar panels get enough sunlight during the day to function at peak performance. When you try to learn how to install solar panels on your home yourself, you risk violating the warranty or affecting your homeowners insurance coverage. Call a professional for solar panel installation, and save yourself time, money, and stress.

Call Today for an Estimate for Solar Panels in Utah

If you’re ready to get an estimate for the cost of solar panels in Utah, call us today at SRD Roofing. We use the best solar panels for roofs on the market, and provide professional, secure, and efficient installation. We know the exact location and angle to install solar panels on roofs, and can obtain the necessary permits and work with solar energy companies in Utah to get you set up. Call us today or contact us online to schedule a site assessment for solar panels for roofs in Ogden & Brigham City, UT.

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