Top Problems Caused by Not Cleaning Your Home’s Gutters

Professional Gutter Cleaning Services in Ogden, UT

Autumn paints America with vibrant landscapes and descending leaves, yet this picturesque season also brings the task of gutter cleaning. Overlooking this chore may prove to be a costly error, as rainwater infiltration can lead to home interior damage and property harm, significantly impacting your curb appeal. SRD Roofing offers professional gutter cleaning services for homes in Ogden and Brigham City, UT. Stagnant water in neglected gutters becomes an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies. Gutter guards and other gutter cleaning tools can help you avoid many potential problems. Learn more about our services for rain gutters, and reach out to us for a free estimate.

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Why Is Gutter Cleaning Important?

The purpose of your gutters and downspouts is to redirect water away from your home, a crucial task because even a small amount of water can lead to significant damage. As rainwater descends from your home’s roof, it gathers in the sloped gutters designed to guide it toward the downspouts. With clean gutters, rainwater swiftly navigates through the downspout into your home’s drainage system. However, as time passes, debris such as leaves and twigs can accumulate in your gutters, creating obstructions. When water flow is impeded, clogged gutters can trigger a variety of issues. Our team offers comprehensive gutters services for homeowners in Utah.

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Potential Problems From Neglected Gutters

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your home’s gutters will take care of themselves. Not cleaning them can lead to several problems requiring gutter repair or rain gutter replacement. Check out the following issues that may arise from neglecting to clean your gutters:

Foundation Issues

During periods of intense rainfall, ensuring a secure route for rainwater off your roof is crucial. A well-functioning gutter channels water through a downspout, preventing it from cascading over the edges and down your walls. The accumulation of water around your foundation can induce erosion, weakening walls and leading to foundation cracks and settling. It’s important to note that most homeowners insurance policies do not cover the structural problems caused by foundation issues.

Broken Gutters

Clogged gutters trap water, leaving it with nowhere to go but to fill the gutters to capacity. Each gallon of water weighs around 8 pounds, and this extra weight can bend or tear your gutters away from the roof. Regularly cleaning your gutters can prevent this avoidable expense, as the average cost of gutter replacement ranges from $1,000 to $7,000.

Wall & Ceiling Damage

Clogged gutters may result in water leaks inside your home. Overflowing water can damage the wooden fascia boards to which your gutters are attached or seep behind your home’s siding. In both scenarios, moisture infiltration can lead to the replacement of sections of wood, insulation, and drywall.

Ice Dams

Clogged gutters pose a threat in winter as well. The water in blocked gutters can freeze, forming ice dams. This can cause water from snowmelt to seep under your shingles, potentially leading to leaks or gutter damage. Proper maintenance is essential to prevent or address ice dam issues.

Wet Basement

If your basement lacks waterproofing, water flowing down your foundation during heavy rainfall can result in dampness. This occurs as water permeates through the porous walls and floor of your basement. Damp basements can damage stored items, fostering harmful mold or mildew. Consider relocating valuables and installing a French drain to divert water away from your home if your basement becomes damp after rain.

Insect Infestations

Clogged gutters create a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and damp mud and leaves can attract bees and wasps to build nests. Preventing water accumulation in your gutters is essential to avoid insect infestations in your backyard.

How Can I Tell if My Gutters Are Clogged?

Knowing if your gutters are clogged can help you get the professional gutter cleaning services you need. The team at SRD Roofing specializes in repairing rain gutters so you can avoid the problems previously mentioned. We’re the experts when it comes to roof and gutter repair services in Ogden and Brigham City, UT. To inspect your gutters, start by climbing a ladder for a quick visual check. Ensure you choose the appropriate ladder and practice safe climbing techniques. If you observe any debris accumulation in the gutters during this inspection, it’s a clear indication that it’s time for a thorough cleaning. Another sign of potential issues is if your gutters appear sagging or bowed in the middle, suggesting an excessive load, often in the form of accumulated water.

Examine your siding for stains caused by running water. Stains on the siding can be indicative of overflowing gutters during heavy rainfall. Additionally, keep an eye out for unexpected plant growth. When seeds combine with organic material in the gutters, it can lead to the sprouting and growth of plants. If your home has unintentionally cultivated its own gutter garden, it’s a strong indicator that a thorough cleaning is long overdue. Regularly checking for these visual cues and promptly addressing any issues will help maintain the optimal functioning of your gutters. Contact SRD Roofing today to get your free gutter cleaning estimate.

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