Roof Repairs for Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Nobody plans to sustain roof damage during a storm or turbulent weather, but sometimes it happens whether or not we are prepared. When foul weather pounds on your roof, you might end up with leaks, damaged shingles, holes, or a complete collapse. Don’t waste any time after a storm hits and wreaks havoc on your roof. SRD Roofing is ready to repair your roof damage, or help with storm damage roof replacement in Ogden and Brigham City, UT when you file an insurance claim. Neglecting your damaged roof lets minor issues develop into more significant and costly problems, draining your time, attention, and bank account. If you are filing a homeowners insurance claim for roof damage after a storm causes torn shingles, holes, or other problems, let us know as soon as possible to schedule professional repairs.

What Damage is Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance?

Your roof is your home’s largest structural part, and most insurance policies typically include it under dwelling coverage. However, how much your insurance covers often depends on your policy’s exact specifications. Many weather-related issues like severe storm damage may qualify for coverage by your insurance company. If a storm knocks down a tree, and it falls on your roof, or your roof collapse because of heavy snow, your homeowner’s insurance policy might pay for roof repairs or replacement. You want to verify your insurance policy covers most common weather-related damage since some policies include wind and hail exclusives before filing a roof damage insurance claim. Typical claims insurance companies cover for storm damage and weather-related roof repairs and replacements include the following:

  • Wind Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Hail Damage

The storm damage to rooftop in home at Ogden, UT storm damage to roof from fire damage storm damage to roof from hail damage

Filing a Roof Damage Insurance Claim After a Storm

You must take action as soon as possible when you suffer roof damage from a storm or natural disaster. Making a claim as soon as possible and getting an estimate from a contractor ensures you can start repairs quickly to get back to your everyday life. The time you have available to file a claim with your insurance company varies significantly between policies. While some insurance companies will give you as long as a year to make an insurance claim, other companies may require you to file your claim within 30 days. If you are not sure what your insurance provider’s requirements are, your safest action is to contact them to get the details on filing a claim for roof damage caused by inclement weather. It’s important to take immediate action after you discover roof damage. You may risk your provider denying your insurance claim if you file it late.

Important Things You Should Know to Guarantee Coverage

After a bad storm blows through your neighborhood, don’t think you are in the clear with your homeowner’s insurance. Many of these policies require holders to perform proper roof maintenance and care to process a claim successfully. You should never ignore your roof and put your faith in your insurance company if you end up with storm damage. Instead, be sure you take good care of your roof with regular maintenance. Your insurance company may consider an improperly maintained roof a claim violation. Your roofing materials are also a factor to consider with your policy. A standard homeowner’s policy may exclude some expensive roofing materials. Another point of contention is your roof’s age because many insurance companies probably won’t pay to repair a roof aged 20 years or older.

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If mother nature has affected your roof with storm damage, you’re in good company. Many homeowners have relied on SRD Roofing to provide high-quality roofing repair and replacement services to restore their homes in the shortest possible time and with the least pain. We also offer assistance when you file an insurance claim. Contact us today to get a free roofing estimate and let our team keep your roof in top condition.

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