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Stucco walls require special care to keep them looking great, whether they’re on the inside or outside of your home. SRD Roofing provides stucco paint and repair to Brigham City, UT residents whose stucco surfaces are cracking and peeling. Time, weather conditions, and more play a role in degrading stucco, but all it takes is a call to our qualified specialists to restore your walls to their formal glory. We can fix peeling surfaces, smooth them out, and repaint, as well as perform other crucial maintenance tasks to your stucco surfaces.

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Why Choose SRD Roofing for Stucco Paint and Repair

We have over 20 years of experience delivering high-quality services to our clients, and our reputation for prompt and reliable customer service are two reasons why they trust us to take care of their homes and businesses. Appearances matter. Stucco walls should look great, and when they don’t, your home’s value can drop. These reasons are why our customers trust us to get the job done. Our professional roofers and contractors respond quickly, and we’re committed to providing competitive pricing.

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Our Comprehensive Indoor and Outdoor Stucco Wall Services

Stucco is an interesting-looking product made from a combination of several materials. Unlike other forms of siding, Stucco is made from a combination of several materials, which give it an interesting look to help it stand out in the neighborhood. The aggregate itself is made from a variety of materials, most commonly lime, Portland cement, sand, and water. Sometimes, manufacturers add synthetic additives like acrylics and glass properties with the intent of improving its structural stability. We provide a wide array of stucco-related services to our clients. Our stucco contractors understand the surface and how to treat it, two reasons why Ogden and Brigham City, UT trust us over our competition. You can rely on us for:


The biggest culprits mandating stucco repair are cracks, which appear on stucco surfaces for a wide variety of reasons. Seasonal weather patterns play a role over time, as does the gradual shifting of your building itself. Beyond that, cracking sometimes occurs when the original contractor did not apply the lath or mixed the stucco incorrectly. Our painters identify the cause of the problem before painting, which enables them to ensure repainting will not be necessary. Once we’ve repaired the cracks, our team sets to work painting the stucco in whatever color you wish.


Repairs aren’t always plausible. Unfortunately, while stucco surfaces are made to last a long time, external factors can cause stucco to fail. When this happens, you need qualified professionals to replace the stucco siding. There’s a good reason to be proactive: One of the biggest causes of full-scale stucco problems is water damage. Stucco can be a natural breeding ground for mold, and mold can cause adverse health problems for everyone in your home. If we recommend replacing your stucco siding, we can do it at an affordable price and do so quickly.


Primer is essential on stucco siding and surfaces. For one thing, it is crucial to prime a recently repaired or replaced stucco surface because the primer creates a smooth finish. It also prevents moisture absorption by sealing the cured stucco with elastomeric and waterproof primer. These products create a water-tight surface and preserve the long-term health of the stucco and the house itself.


We highly recommend painting your stucco. While this surface looks great, a painted stucco siding looks even better. Paint also serves a practical purpose. It helps prevent cracking and crumbling, two maladies frequently necessitating repairs and replacements. The paint we use is waterproof and expands or contracts along with weather conditions, giving your home enhanced protection from the elements.

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SRD Roofing believes in providing our customers with a comprehensive set of solutions to all of their residential and commercial problems. For instance, if your stucco services need repairing, but your roof is missing shingles as well, we provide both emergency roof repair and installation and replacement services. We handle siding concerns, as well as less common roofing types, such as flat roofs. Our team understands all the ins and outs of each of our services and how to resolve complicated problems quickly so you can get back to living your life. Contact us today to receive a free estimate on any of our services.

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