Storm Damage Restoration Experts in Ogden

When a major storm hits, it is important to partner with local experts who can help restore your property to normal. Nothing is worse than a destructive rain or hail storm when you are left without adequate siding, roof damage, broken gutters, and more. For years, SRD Roofing has been loyally serving Ogden and Brigham City, UT, ensuring our customers get their homes fixed in a timely and effective manner. We also believe in helping our customers repair and restore their property without breaking the bank. After a storm, get all your roofing, gutter, siding, window, and solar panel repair and replacement needs by contacting SRD Roofing today.

Wind, Hail, and Storm Damage Repair Services

Wild weather can occur year-round, and it is essential to have a reliable contracting company to help pick up the pieces and repair your property. It can be a true nightmare when your home has been damaged after a storm. SRD Roofing can help with:

Call today for more information or schedule a free estimate online. We aim to help make your home whole again after a storm passes through. Our years of contracting experience and attention to detail speak for themselves, and we provide effective support after a storm.

Fast Response, Impeccable Service

Time is always of the essence after a storm hits, and SRD Roofing takes immense pride in offering our services as soon as possible after a storm has passed through the area. We come to your home for a full inspection and diagnosis to see the extent of the damage. It is important to get repairs started as soon as you can so that no leaks, cracks, or fissures in your property lead to more expensive, troublesome issues down the road.

Keeping Your Property Safe

During our repairs, we enlist a variety of techniques to keep your property secure. It is vital your property remains free from additional water and wind during our repairs, and our temporary structures and workarounds keep our work from being interrupted. Our services include:

  • Tarp protection – Our tarps help to ensure your roof is not further damaged by rain, hail, or wind during our repairs.
  • Temporary roofing protection – During a roof repair, we put up temporary structures to keep the interior of your home secure until permanent repairs have been completed.
  • Water recovery – We help pump out water from hard-to-reach places after a big storm.
  • Boarding – We help keep critters and other unwanted guests out by boarding up certain areas of your home during our repairs.
  • Complete restoration – We take care of windows, doors, decks, siding, and more after storm damage has occurred.

Free Storm Damage Evaluations

Recovering from a storm can be an expensive disaster if you don’t hire a professional team with extensive experience. At SRD Roofing, we know stress and hassle can be at an all-time high in the aftermath of a destructive storm, and we happily provide free comprehensive diagnostics and consultations. A member of our seasoned contracting team will come to your home to do a proper assessment, helping to determine what needs repair and replacement. We offer this as a complimentary, no-obligation service because we are confident in our work and aim to help keep you informed.

Call the storm damage experts in Ogden and Brigham City for a free quote!

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